Cairns Web Design

ImageSmith provides the full range of online marketing services, from registering your domain name through to analysis of your site’s performance.

What we do

Booking Systems

Online reservation systems, especially in the tourism and hospitality industries, are one of our specialities. Putting your website centre stage so you attract more direct bookings online, saves time and money compared to traditional marketing.


From simple one-product stores to complex online stores with full integration with inventory management systems, ImageSmith has the skill and capability to craft a custom made solution for your business.

Content Management

Our level of service is adapted for each individual client and how involved they want to be in maintaining their website. For those who wish to change and update their own content, we provide training on our easy to use content management system (CMS).

Mobile Sites

More and more searches are coming through from mobile devices so we automatically design our websites for mobile by default. You don’t need to brief this separately, just assume its being done.

Website Development

...oh, by the way, we do simple websites too!

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Keeping your website visible in the rankings of the major search engines requires on-going analysis and tweaking. We provide SEO as an on-going service.

How we do it

Our work shines much brighter when our clients are involved in the process of developing their ecommerce or business web design project with us.

Your business knowledge teamed with our technical expertise guarantees the best solution for your business.

This is what you can expect when you come to us for a new website:

  1. Initial Brief
    We always start by asking lots of questions so we can determine exactly what you need and gauge the scope of your project.
  2. Project Proposal
    Once we’ve gathered all this information together we then develop a proposal detailing what we’re going to do and how it will work. This is your opportunity to make sure we’ve interpreted your brief accurately and change any details prior to starting with the graphic design or coding for your project.
  3. Website Blueprint
    The next stage is to create a blueprint for your website that outlines the structure, content and functionality of the site. It helps to have all the content supplied before we move onto the next stage. We can make recommendations if you need help with your content strategy and copywriting.
  4. Graphic Design Concept
    This is the juicy creative part where we get to design the look and feel for your website. If you’ve already got brand guidelines for your business we will obviously need these to make sure what we create is consistent with your other marketing materials.
  5. Coding Time
    Now it’s time for you to duck out of the process for a while and let us get on with the fun techie stuff. We’ll be getting busy incorporating all the latest technology behind the scenes to develop code for all the pages, forms, databases etc. on your site.
  6. Testing
    Testing, testing and yet more testing is an essential part of the process. We rigorously test at all stages of development to make sure all the technical elements of your website function well and will be pleasing to your site visitors and potential prospects.
  7. Previewing
    Once we’ve checked that everything on your website is working well, we upload it to our testing server so we can give it one more check for final testing.
  8. Going Live
    After all of our comprehensive testing has taken place to iron out any niggles, it’s time for your website to go live on the web.
  9. On-Going Support
    The final stage of our process is to provide an on-going service that includes analysis of your site’s performance and tweaking it to make sure it stays on top of the search engine rankings.